• Instant Noodle Lids
    Instant Noodle Lids
    High quality printed paper/aluminum/PE Film for making instant noodle lid
  • Roll Stock Films
    Roll Stock Films
    We provide all kinds of films .Our roll stock films are available in metallized ,transparent. Custom printed designed or patterned films are available upon request. If you need more information, please contact us.
  • Flat Pouches
    Flat Pouches
    Flat Pouches, also known as three-side seal pouches, are a cost-effective flexible packaging option. Flat Pouches are ideal for facial mask, bulk coffee&tea , food packaing and nonfood items such as Dried or Smoked meats, Medicine and Vitamin, Agricultural Products Packaging.DR Pack flat pouches are easy to use, heat sealable, and convenient packaging with multiple sizes and formats available to pick from.
Featured Products
Stand up pouch :Food grade stand up pouches,feature a zipper and tear notch for easy opening and supporting performance in the field of food packaging. Aluminum Foil Zip Lock Bag With Clear Window:More beautiful packaging,new design,Good for Food Storage
Laminated Aluminum Foil  Roll Film Vacuum Laminated Aluminum Foil Roll Film Food Packaging
Plain, custom printed make this film more versatile - whether you want to pack ground coffee, powdered mix or other food items.
Aluminium foil ice cream paper Food Grade Ice cream cone paper with foil
Food grade ice cream cone paper.
Laminating Custom Printed Film Laminating Custom Printed Food Packaging Film Roll
The custom laminated printed  roll stock films,which are suitable for normal sealed machine.
Baking paper cup wholesale Food grade PE coated bakery paper cup
PE coated bakery paper cup made with food graded paper.variable color printing and different cup size available.
Instant noodle lid with alumium Printed peat sealing aluminum foil lids
Instant Noodle lid with Alumium,suitable for paper bowl, PP and PS bowl,Microwavable and boil hot water.
Foam Paper Cup Foam Paper Cup
Unique heat barrier eliminates the need for beverage sleeves and "double-cupping Insulated. Protects hands from steaming hot or ice cold beverages. Comfortable, non-slip surface. Use with PerfecTouch® lid for drinks on the go. Sold separately.
instant noodle cups Lids Aluminium foil lids for instant noodle cups
Instant noodle lids with aluminium or non-aluminium ,suitable for paper, PP and PS bowl.The lids without aluminum is microwavable.
Instant Noodle Paper Cups PP,PS, Paper Instant noodle paper cups
Instant noodle cup ,soup cup made with PP,PS,or paper bowl. The bowl could be microwavable or boil water .
Aluminium Foil Cosmetic Bag Aluminium Foil Cosmetic Bag Facial Mask Packaging
Aluminum Foil facial Beauty Sheet Mask Pack Cosmetics,3-Side Seal Flat Pouches by custom printing.
 Clear Snack Pack Stand Up Pouches Crystal Clear Snack Pack Stand Up Pouches with zip
Acid free. Meet FDA requirements for food contact. Built in with zip lock closure, and tear notch on top.
Dongshen Paper / Dongrong Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd.
Dongsen Paper / Dongrong Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd are a joint ventures and a board of directors. Founded in 2001. It is located in the Torch Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone in Zhongshan City. The company covers an area of 20,000 square meters, and the first-phase workshop area is 15,000 square meters.  Zhongshan Dongrong Printing And Packaging Co , Ltd. is a professional flexible packaging printing and packaging company, with high quality products and a high level of service. The company adopts strict 5S management and advanced production technology, also has a group of experienced Engineering and technical personnel, product R&D personnel and experienced skilled workers have strong technical force, mature technology, and constantly develop new products depending on the market and customer needs.  It specializes in research, development, production and sales of flexible packaging materials such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, detergents, pesticide chemicals, toys and industrial products. The main products include instant noodle packaging, condiment packaging, candy packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics packaging, detergent packaging, toy packaging, chemical and chemical packaging, industrial packaging, easy tear cover sealing film, electronic component packaging and various forms of prefabricated bags. (Including middle seal bags, organ bags, three-side sealed bags, special-shaped bags, mouth-mounted stand bags, liquid  bags, zipper bags and other flexible packaging materials. Dongsen Paper  Co. Ltd 's mainly product is Paper packing, We have multiple advanced laminating machine and wet laminating machine, specializing in the production of food packaging film paper, including bowl cover paper, paper, paper boxes, ice cream hamburger baking paper, wrapping paper, paper cans with aluminum foil; high-grade color box packaging composite paper (gold and silver cardboard, laser paper etc.). Our cenification: Exhibition: Our vision:  To become a  leader in composite packaging materials industry. Our commitment: to make packaging safer and more environmentally friendly. Our core competence: talent and innovation. Our core values: professionalism, focus, integrity, and win-win.
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Dongshen Paper / Dongrong Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd.
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Industry news and company development news, understand the changes in the packaging industry, witness the growth of DongRong pack & DongSen paper.
  • New Workshop Building Ceremony
    New Workshop Building Ceremony


    Zhong Shan Dong Sen Paper Prodct Co.,LTD; Building C workshop finished on Nov.22th 2019. The New building has 3 floors,total 10000 square meters, the first floor height 6.5 meter, capacity 2 tons/squa...
  • Company Activity
    Company Activity


    At the end of Year 2018, Zhongshan Dong Sen Paper & Zhongshan Dongrong printing & packing company total sales quantity over 100,000,000....We went to Guangzhou for "Hot Spring" and "Baishuizha...
  • What's the Difference Between PE & Waxed Paper Sheets?
    What's the Difference Between PE & Waxed Paper Sheets?


    Using the right materials when packaging is essential for ensuring that your customers receive your goods with the best possible presentation. You may not think about it, but by using the wrong packag...
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