DS Paper Innovation Center

1.  Professional R & D team to meet customer 

     requirements for products; 

2.  According to the packaging performance of products,

    exclusive customized material structure;

3.  According to the packaging needs of customers,
    exclusive customized production process;

4.  Developing new products constantly, so as to enable

    customer to mark faster and better respond to the

    market, win market share, and even open up new


Manufacturing Capabilities

1. Extruding machine                           3 units

2. Wet composite machine                    1 units

3. Slitting machine                               3 units

4. Paper cutting machine                      3 units

5. Die-cutting machine                         4 units

6. Professional testing equipment          6 units

Material Development

 1. Connect your demanding market and product needs

    with our in-house, world-class developmental


 2. Material scientists to develop and test engineered

    resins, films and coatings

 3. Structural engineering to optimize product packaging

    structures, address physical challenges and improve


 4. Problem-solving research capabilities and diagnostics

The product DS paper can provide :

1. Aluminum-foil bag paper
2. Ice cream sleeve paper

3. Cheese wrapper paper

4. Gold(silver) aluminum foil cake cups

5. Cake paper holder

6. Easy peel multilayer composite paper

7. Hamburger paper
8. Lunch box paper
9. PE coated paper

10. Color box paper

Other services :

Originally, packages were designed to protect the product. Today, the packages can provide functions to improve additional value, sales promotion, patented appearance, brand recognitions. Therefore packaging is very important to the products. However packaging bring pressure on environmental concerns. A great lot of excessive packages use more resources and produce more rubbishes.

We think the professional package service should be providing the customers the most practical, economical and reasonable solutions. Detailed market survey, close cooperation with professional institutes,  continuously improved production management and technology assure us to be your partner on the packages.

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