What's the Difference Between PE & Waxed Paper Sheets?

2018-09-19 14:50:55

Using the right materials when packaging is essential for ensuring that your customers receive your goods with the best possible presentation. You may not think about it, but by using the wrong packaging material you could be inadvertently ruining your products’ appeal.

Two packaging materials that are often confused are PE and Wax paper, so what’s the difference?

What is Waxed Paper?

As the name suggests, this type of paper has a wax coating. The wax provides a great barrier for preventing grease and moisture from getting through the paper, making it an extremely versatile product for wrapping a wide variety of food stuffs. Some of the most common food-stuffs wrapped in wax paper include:

– Cheese

– Cooked meats

– Sandwiches

– Interleaving cold meats

This material is semi-transparent, allowing food items to be partially visible through the packaging which makes it useful when displaying products. Wax paper can also be safely printed on, as the wax helps to protect the food stuffs from the ink seeping through. One of the biggest selling points for wax paper is that it’s compostable and recyclable, which is great for any company, deli or restaurant trying to decrease their carbon footprint.

What is PE Coated Paper?

PE coated paper is layered with polyethylene, providing a very strong moisture and grease barrier. Unlike wax coated paper, PE can be used for hot purposes as it won’t melt and affect your product. PE coated kraft paper is often used as:

– Fast food wrapping

– Tray liners

– Placements

This type of packaging paper is extremely durable, allowing it to be used for a wide range of applications. You are able to safely print on PE paper, allowing you to give your products aesthetically appealing branding without compromising the product. Similarly to wax coated paper, PE paper can be recycled, but it is not biodegradable. This means that it has a slightly larger carbon footprint than wax paper, but if disposed of correctly can still have a positive impact on the environment.

PE or Wax Coated Paper?

Both of these types of packaging have their own individual benefits, making them ideal for their intended purpose but which one do you need? Both are robust and suitable for use with food products and both have a coating that prevents grease and moisture from seeping through.

The main difference between these types of packaging is that waxed paper sheets allow products to breathe, brilliant for preventing cheeses or cold meats from sweating. PE paper is also better suited for wrapping hot, greasy food or being used as a placemat or tray liner in fast food restaurants.



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