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What is a PE coated paper roll and what is it used for?

2024-02-04 16:03:08

PE coated paper roll is a type of paper roll that has been coated with a layer of polyethylene (PE) on one or both sides. This coating provides enhanced protection, moisture resistance, and durability to the paper. PE coated paper rolls are commonly used in various industries and applications.

The PE coating on the paper roll makes it suitable for packaging purposes. It prevents moisture, oils, and grease from penetrating the paper, making it ideal for wrapping and protecting food products such as sandwiches wrapper paper, bakery items, and fast food items. The moisture resistance properties of PE coated paper also make it suitable for packaging products in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

PE coated paper rolls are often utilized in the printing industry for creating labels, stickers, and graphics. The smooth and glossy surface of the PE coating allows for high-quality printing, ensuring vibrant colors and clear images. This makes it a preferred choice for advertising materials, product labels, and promotional items.

Additionally, PE coated paper rolls find applications in the construction industry as disposable drop cloths, floor protection, or surface coverings. The moisture resistance of the coating helps to protect surfaces from spills, stains, and dust during construction or renovation projects.

Other common uses of PE coated paper rolls include lining materials for trays and containers, disposable tablecloths, and food-grade packaging. The combination of paper and PE coating offers a balance of strength, flexibility, and moisture resistance, making it versatile for various applications.

In summary, PE coated paper rolls are paper rolls that have been coated with a layer of polyethylene. They are widely used in paper cup packaging, printing, construction, and other industries where moisture resistance, durability, and protection are required.
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