Cooperation with domestic well-known cosmeceuticals in mask bags

2018-05-22 15:07:09

Cosmetics facial sheet mask pack packaging are laminated with the highest quality and consistency which provides barrier protection against moisture and oxygen.Flat pouches are suitable for cosmetics packaging.

A good news!

Zhongshan Dongrong Printing & Package Co ,.Ltd and Cosmeceutical Brand WIS reached a cooperation agreement.

Do you know WIS?

WIS  is a cosmopolitan brand developed in cooperation with Switzerland, introducing the advanced technology and raw materials of the Swiss RAHN Group, making cosmetics based on the standards of pharmaceuticals, pursuing the ultimate in science and safety, and satisfying the demand for quality of Consumer life.

The brand name WIS originated from an old European word Wissenschaft, meaning "science". As a cosmeceutical brand, WIS is committed to making skin care more scientific and effective and brings better nursing experience to the skin.

The two parties are already in the process of developing cooperation. Dongrong will provide a certain number of mask bags to WIS every month according to the contract.Annual orders reached 15 million.

Thanks to WIS's trust and support to Dongrong, we will keep our minds and provide high quality products on time.

Dongrong pack can provide: Aluminum Foil Facial Mask Packaging


Colour: custom printing

Size: Customized

Printing :  Gravure Printing

Feature :Moisture Proof,Closable

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